Promotion and Tenure


2023-2024 UTIA P&T and Mid-Cycle Review Calendars (PDF)

UT Faculty Handbook

UT Board of Trustees Policies Governing Academic Freedom, Responsibility and Tenure

UTIA Dossier Preparation Tips (PDF)

UTIA COVID-19 Extensions for Tenure Seeking Faculty (PDF)

Interfolio Log In

Interfolio Help Guide

Step-by-Step Interfolio Log In Guide (PDF)

Dossier to Interfolio Crosswalk for Faculty Candidates (PDF)

UTIA Promotion & Tenure Committee

CVM Promotion and Tenure Committee

2023 Promotion and Tenure Workshop

2023 UTIA P&T Workshop Agenda (PDF)

Video of the 2023 UTIA P&T Workshop

Intro – Clark (PDF)

P&T Process Overview – Shoemaker (PDF)

Promotion & Tenure Videos

Expectations Videos and PowerPoint Presentations

Video Message from Caula Beyl, Dean of the Herbert College of Agriculture, on teaching expectations.

Teaching Expectations PowerPoint

Video Message from Ashley Stokes, Dean of UT Extension, on Extension expectations.

Extension Expectations PowerPoint

Video Message from Hongwei Xin, Dean of UT AgResearch, on research expectations.

Research Expectations PowerPoint

2021 Workshop Recording

2019 Workshop Reference Materials

Overview of P&T process (PowerPoint)

Promotion to Professor (PowerPoint)

UTIA P&T Committee Perspective (PowerPoint)

Dossier Preparation-Boyer (PDF)

Dossier Preparation-Trout-Fryxell (PowerPoint)

Dossier Preparation-Willcox (PowerPoint)

Post-Tenure Review

UTIA Post-Tenure Review Performance Processes (PDF)

UTIA College Criteria and Expectations for Rank (PDF)


UTIA College Criteria and Expectations for Rank (PDF)

2019 – 2020 Timeline for Post-Tenure Performance Review (PDF)

Summary Sheet – Recommendations for Promotion and/or Tenure (interactive PDF)

Early Promotion & Tenure Checklist (PDF)

Summary Sheet for Non-Tenure Track Faculty (PDF)

Request for Tenure Upon Initial Appointment (PDF)